Boma BBnaija : Memoir, Net Worth, Background, Husband, Tribe, Age, and Career Details

 Nigerians are riveted to their televisions as BBNaija season 6 debuts to watch the housemates compete and engage for the 90 million NGN top prize. The creative, multidimensional Boma Akpore was the first man to pass through the doors and be validated on this year's show, which currently features 11 male roommates. Because of the sensuality, attractiveness, and originality that he emits, Boma Akpore is the center of attention.

Boma BBnaija Biography

Boma has experienced both highs and lows during his life. Boma was raised in Yaba, Lagos State, despite being from Delta State. He had to provide for himself in order to attend school because he was reared by his mother and grandmother. Due to his inability to make his bill payments on time, he regrettably had to drop out of school during his last year.

Boma BBnaija Education

Boma Akpore studied in Lagos at both the primary and secondary levels. Then, in order to complete his degree, he relocated to the University of Lagos, but he was unable to remain there full time. Boma, a man of unyielding optimism, saved up enough money from his side jobs to join a film school, where he obtained a respectable degree.

Boma BBnaija Career

Boma Akpore is a talented young man with many skills. He is an accomplished model, actor, masseuse, and former football player.

Ola Olowu, a representative of the renowned Nigerian advertising agency TBWA and the older brother of his boyhood closest buddy, first learned about him in 2003. His stay with Ola Olowu served as the impetus for the start of his international modeling career. Then, he was selected for a campaign by MTN, one of the leading phone companies in Nigeria. He participated in Nigeria Fashion Week in 2004 as the event's youngest model.

In the beginning of his modeling career, Boma Akpore was fortunate. He continued to appear in advertisements for high-end fashion houses like Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Hermes, Emmy Collins, Christian Door, Nobel Afrik, JD7 Couture, Vivid Imagination, and many others. Additionally, he has made appearances for several well-known beverage companies, including Guinness, Coca-Cola, Heineken, Harp, etc. Additionally, he has modeled for well-known cell phone manufacturers like Glo, MTN, and Nokia.

In 2008, Boma got a call from London inviting him to take part in The Runway Charity Fashion Show as the lone male model representing West African music. He was the only other Nigerian model accepted to the 2010 Haute African Fashion show in Dallas, Texas.

Boma Akpore also entered the football world in 2011. In 2012, while playing soccer with the New York Irish Rovers, he won the division's league cup in the Long Island Football League. In 2013, he traveled to Belgium to develop his soccer abilities. But due to his injuries and the difficulty in obtaining a work visa, he was unable to continue.

Boma Akpore visited New York in 2011 as her modeling career was about to take off. He exhibited in New York Fashion Week 2011–2012 and served as a Ralph Lauren in-store model.

Boma Akpore enrolled in the New York Film Academy when she was in the city. He has made cameos on well-known TV programs like Law & Order and The Blacklist. He played Azibo in the historical drama "Protector of the Gods" by the renowned actor Hill Harper. He supported himself while pursuing his acting career by working as a masseuse during the day and a bartender at night.

Boma Akpore has taken a lot of journeys throughout his lifetime. His perseverance and bravery in the face of difficulties have been the sole causes of his success and growth. He is now vying for 90 million NGN as a housemate on BBNaija 2021!

Boma BBnaija Personal Life

Boma Akpore is not currently married, but he does have a girlfriend, whom he rarely discusses on his social media accounts. It is terrible that Boma once had to go through the suffering and heartache of a failed marriage—his first marriage.

Boma calls himself "attractive, intellectual, adventurous, amazing, strong and fit" while defining himself.

In the year 2020, Boma Akpore established Bonzy Blues Global Partners LLC, his producing company. Its emphasis is on media events and TV production.

Boma BBnaija Net Worth

Due to his success in acting and modeling, Boma Akpore has accumulated some wealth. His estimated net worth in 2021 will be about $235,000.

Boma BBnaija Cars

At the time of writing, there are no known personally owned automobiles for Boma Akpore. In some of his modeling appearances and clothing, he has been seen next to a Mercedes Benz and a Lexus.

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