Angel BBNaija : Memoir, Net Worth, Background, Husband, Tribe, Age, and Career Details

Meet Angel BBNaija, the first female housemate of Nigeria's most watched reality show, Big Brother Naija. Since her debut on the BBN reality show, Angel has generated a lot of attention on social media platforms. Angel is turning up the heat in the Big Brother Naija house, proving that she must have gained enormous popularity.

Angel BBnaija Biography

Despite having Nigerian parents who reside in London, Angel BBNaija made the decision to live her life and establish herself in Nigeria. 21-year-old Angel has so far enjoyed the pace and insanity of living most of her life in Nigeria. Angel BBNaija, who was raised in Lagos, was born in 2000. Akwa Ibom is where she was born. She was born on an unknown day and month. Angel Agnes Smith is her real name; she goes by the stage name Angel BBNaija.

Angel BBnaija Education

Angel BBNaija has a strong academic record. Her parents put pressure on her, especially her mother who has very high standards. In reality, she felt more pressure from the school, which had an impact on how well she did in class. Angel BBNaija eventually gave up on her tertiary education.

BB At the Lagos campus of Marywood Girls College, Naija Angel continued her education. Angel claims that because a "A" at Marywood Girls College in Lagos needed a score of 96, she was subjected to highly rigorous training there.

Astral BB Naija decided to try education once more and enrolled at a British foundation college to study public communication, but she finally quit again.

Angel BBnaija Career

Talented poet, author, and TV host, BB Astral Naija. Since she first began writing at the age of 14, her passion for the industry has developed. She took on a variety of freelance writing assignments, which helped her develop her writing abilities. She did, however, share a few of her own novels on her Instagram feed. The post received a lot of likes, comments, and supportive messages from readers.

Angel BBnaija Struggle With Depression

Since she was a teenager, the reality star has battled depression. She makes a connection between this and the demanding upbringing she experienced at home and at school. She disclosed that she began self-harming at the age of 14 and had sporadically felt hopeless. The 21-year-old had made attempts at suicide in the past.

Angel BBNAIJA Reason For Coming Into The Bbnaija House.

Angel BBNaija wants to get better in writing. Because she wants to work in this industry, she is confident that BBNaija will provide her the platform she needs to realize her goals of being a movie producer and screenwriter.

Angel BBnaija Relationship Status

When Angel was single, she was in a relationship. Before entering the Big Brother Naija home. In 2019, she went had a heartbreaking split when her current partner passed away. Since moving into the BBN home, she claims that she is "single and ready to mingle." She did admit, though, that she won't be prepared for a fulfilling relationship until she deals with the loss of her loyal spouse.

Angel BBnaija Net Worth

Astral BB It is clear that Naija grew up in an affluent household. Her worth hasn't yet been calculated. She is currently vying for Nigeria's most popular reality show's 90 million dollar grand prize.

Angel BBnaija House

Angel BBNaija hasn't revealed whether she owns a house or not. She does, however, reside in Lagos.

Angel BBnaija Cars

Angel Smith, a former Big Brother Naija "Shine Ya Eye" housemate, has achieved two of her goals by acquiring a brand-new Range Rover. After Big Brother Naija ended a few weeks ago, Angel rented a property for herself, claiming that she needed her own space.

Angel said she is thankful for the year 2021 because it has given her so much and that she is the true hot girl while posting pictures of the new car on her Instagram page.

Angel BBnaija Age

She said that when she was only 16 years old, her mother, a Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eyes housemate, gave birth to her. had a talk in the kitchen on Friday afternoon with candidate Boma. In 2021, she will be 21 years old.

Angel BBnaija Social Media

On her Instagram feed, Angel BBNaija is frequently active. She has almost 830k followers under the handle @theangeljbsmith.

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