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 Ruger includes details about his real name, age, birthday, net worth, girlfriend, mother, father, and brother in his biography, along with information on his job, salary, musical career, and early years.

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Ruger Biography

Michael Adebayo, a Nigerian singer-songwriter better known by his stage name Ruger, was born there in 1999.

He was raised in Lagos, the nation's metropolis and the seat of his home Lagos State, Nigeria. Additionally, he finished his secondary and undergraduate degrees in Lagos State.

Who Is Ruger?

Michael Adebayo, better known as Ruger, is a musician, rapper, and composer from Nigeria.

He was most recently added to the roster of the Jonzing World Record. The signing of Ruger is separate from Rema's and has nothing to do with Mavins Records.

Ruger is the second significant signing for Jonzing World Information after Rema. used to go by the name Mikki Drey.

Ruger origin

Ruger is the stage name of Nigerian singer and composer Michael Adebayo, age 21. He was born in 1999.

Ruger is a Yoruba tribe person that was born and raised in Nigeria.

On January 18, 2020, news that he had just been signed to D'Prince's Jonzing World Records brought him prominence.

Rema and Ozedikus are two musicians who have deals with Don Jazzy's Mavin Records through Jonzing World.

Ruger Early Life

Ruger grew up in Nigeria after being born there in 1999. He is a devoted Adebayo relative.

The young man was born and raised in Lagos, the nation's former metropolis. When he was young, he was exposed to a wide variety of musical genres, which motivated him to grow passionate about the craft. This wasn't unusual because his family was musically inclined.

Beyonce, R. Kelly, Boyz II Men, Bob Marley, Rihanna, and 2Baba are some of Ruger's favorite musicians.

He decided to pursue a career in music as a result, and his family was supportive of him. He is the only son of the family.

Ruger Education

After finishing prestigious major and secondary colleges in Lagos, Ruger received his First School Leaving Certificate as well as his West African School Certificate.

He is a first-year student at a famous university in South West Nigeria.

Ruger Career

When Ruger was a young man, he joined the church choir as a vocalist. Additionally, he admitted us into his university's musical group. All of these steps were taken by him to further his musical career.

From his high school years on, he started writing songs, performing them at school functions and local exhibitions in Lagos. By this time, he had already given you the stage name Ruger.

When Ruger met renowned artist and talent manager D'Prince in 2020, he finally experienced wonderful fortune.

Don Jazzy, a well-known producer and record company owner, is the brother of D'Prince.

D'Prince fell in love with the younger act after hearing a few of their songs and started working with them.

In an effort to improve Ruger's sound and assist him in developing as a musician, D'Prince started urging Ruger to spend time in the studio at his recording facility.

On January 18, 2020, D'Prince announced via social media that Ruger had joined Jonzing World, his business.

Ruger consequently became the second musician D'Prince signed in a period of two years. Rema comes in second. Don Jazzy's record label, Mavin Records, has a co-signed agreement with Rema.

But Ruger's situation is unique. To manage the talented performer, D'Prince is working with Sony Music West Africa and Columbia Records.

Don Jazzy was the first well-known industry figure to wish D'Prince well on his most recent achievement as soon as the news started to circulate online.

Ruger released his debut song on January 20, 2020, and it included Jonzing World performers Rema and D'Prince.

Ruger is the subject of many expectations as one of the most well-known Afrobeats musicians in the coming years.

Ruger Social Media

On Instagram, Ruger quickly gained a sizable following. On his website, he has more than 18.7 thousand fans.

His official Instagram account is @rugerofficial.

Is Ruger Married?

Christian and twenty-one-year-old musician Ruger is a delightful performer. He is not yet married, but that will undoubtedly change shortly. He is not currently dating.

He lives in a condo that his record label has rented to him in Lagos. He can embark on a fantastic journey thanks to his label.

Ruger Net Worth

Michael Adebayo is a rising talent in the Nigerian music industry and an afrobeats performer.

The musician, who goes by the stage name Ruger, was just signed to D'Prince's record label Jonzing World. He has an estimated net worth of between $30,000 and $100,000.

What Happened To Ruger eye

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Is Ruger Blind?

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