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Hi thank you for this wonderful post. But unfortunately it not working for me. Custom contact page code is not showing on the contact page. It showing only if I remove the hiding code of the contact widget. But if I do that, contact page widget will also keep showing on side bar. Really sorry for this guys, I omitted to change the custom contact form ID! Now it should work, let me know if you have any issues. Thank you! Mine just does not work! =\< Its nice, But i use it doesn't work. I mean when I click on SEND its not works. HELP ME This was incredibly helpful! My Spoonie blog is well on its way to looking as it should! I'm desperate: while adding the customized contact form works well, the stupid blogger form doesn't go away - and worst of all: it's not working, while the customized one works fine. I pasted the a.m. code but the form is still there. Any idea what I do wrong? Thanks so much, like I said - I'm desperate! Renata Not sure if you managed to make it work but in case you're reading this, please add the code again inside your Contact page and it should work fine. Did it, tried it - nope, the contact form from google sits there and doesn't go away although the code is just above the "skin" code It seems that you didn't add the code in the right place. Thus, please remove the line that you added and move it after the closing brace "}" in this code: .jump-link a:hover { background: #375479; text-decoration: none; #ContactForm1{display: none !important;} } it do work, but when ever i click on send it won't work...pls i need help It just didn't work. Please I need help. The sidebar contact form no longer appear. But the contact form in the blogger form does not appear Hello..!!! Man u r great... I hav used Last Msg style and tested it... Its just great Follow on Facebook Subscribe to our Email Newsletter Enter your email address... Recent posts

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